Prazsky krysarik Azart iz Nadrovii and his owner Yulia glad to see you on his page. Here you can meet with Azart closer, and we hope that this meeting will lead to marriage and the birth of the wonderful krysarik puppies. If you have not got your own prazsky krysarik, you will find links to resources on the Internet where you can learn more about this unique breed of small dogs with a great and a courageous heart.

Azart was born March 16, 2010 in Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region, Russia. In the Middle Ages people "nadrovs" lived in these parts, and these lands were called Nadrovia. And today Chernyakhovsk - Insterburg impresses with its austere beauty and solidity, gardens and streets keep the memory of the heroes of the ancient Prussian legends. The historical name of the land gave the name of the breed station, the birthplace of Azart.

There were three brothers, both similar and remarkably different. I do not chose Azart - he chose me, sat down on my knees and looked proudly at the brothers, showing off a new mom. Then we had to leave, but less than a month, we met again with joy. After a hard road from Chernyakhovsk in St. Petersburg in the hands of a stranger Azart appear confused and tired. But as soon as I picked him up, he sighed with relief. Like, I finally got home. He was welcomed two new brothers - prague ratters Galivas Niki Lauda and Leon z Piskovtsoveho lomu. So Azart became a member of our family.

Azart brought a fun and perpetual motion to dog pack. Fast and graceful movements of this dog are like ballet dancer movement, so in the design of the site ballet images used. This fidget manages to be in all places at once! He leader of the pack, always and everywhere must be the first. Perhaps that's why we call him at home Raz, which in Russian means first. Razzy, along with Leon and Niki are often take part in dog shows, visit the training center and fitness room. Raz is very friendly krysarik, loves to meet new people and having fun allows to anyone who wants this to hold him on their hands .

In childhood and youth Azart gave the impression of a unpretentious lanky teenager and could not boast of exceptional exterior. But over time it became clear that he has good health, strong bones, excellent teeth, excellent coat, correct tan and exceptionally beautiful head. The face of this dog catches the views of experts and connoisseurs of the breed. In addition, it was found that Azart have gene of long hair. Thus, Razik is of undoubted interest to breeders as a stud dog.

Owners of potential brides can question or offer using the form in "Contact Us". We will be glad to meet purebred prazsky krysariks, registered in FCI-member organizations, from Russia and other countries. Owners of dogs registered in other dog organizations, we also invite you to communicate, but ask you to provide documents and pictures confirming that the dog meets the breed standard. Questions of visitors who are interested in prazsky krysarik, we will answer with pleasure. Write to us!